The Connection SA



We sat down with The Connection team and were sold on their vision, to bring wholeness, harmony, and transformative change to every aspect of people’s lives. We immediately struck a common core with this project, because our mission is also about empowering people, thus empowering our community. We met with Jodi Penrod and completed our [...]

Azteca Designs Inc.

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Azteca Designs is a premier company providing flooring, interior finishes, painting, concrete, and other services. We received a call from President, Cecilia Castellano, about her need for us to resolve a nightmare experience she had with her web designer. We immediately went to work and accessed the situation. We were able to bring a new [...]

Nexgen Oil Tools

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We we received a personal inquiry from Nexgen Oil Tools CEO, Fred Guerra, regarding his interest in a high quality website along with a powerful animated video intro. We met and the challenge began. You better believe we took on this project, and we were prepared to grow through this amazing opportunity! We immediately collaborated [...]

Dennis Financial Group

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We quickly went to work with Heartfire Media. This project was on a deadline to be prepared for a Fortune Magazine article. After meeting CEO, Terry Dennis, we understood the magnitude of this project and his need for online collaboration between various softwares. We conducted several meetings with these companies which included Infusion Soft, Finance [...]

New Life Christian Center

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When the team at New Life Christian Center selected David Jaime Design for a web design and development partnership, two realizations quickly surfaced. First, the size and complexity of the website would pose some unique challenges. But secondly, we had an opportunity to build something great and that was exciting! There were a myriad of moving [...]

Kawasaki of Universal City



Kawasaki of Universal City is family owned and operated. U.S. Cycles was founded in June of 1969 by Gerry and Gail Booher who have been avid power sports enthusiasts since the early 1960's. David purchased his Ninja from Gerry and offered his web design services. Gerry called 2 days later and the rest is history. [...]

Out of Time Personal Concierge Services



We began our  mission to prove the value of upgrading an original website. We met with the Out of Time Personal Concierge Services team and presented the success a new WordPress platform would bring. Our team conducted a major overhaul of the old site by implementing high quality imagery, clear content, and a simplified e-commerce [...]

Texas Holocaust & Genocide Commission



We love to give back and we chose The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission. Through an introduction from David's mentor, Commissioner Vaughn, we were introduced to this great non-profit organization. David worked closely with Chairman, Peter Berkowitz, in preparing the overall look and feel of the site. The new website would be a drastic improvement [...]

A McLaurin Group

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This project would be an exciting one for David. He met with Author and friend, Anita Marye, regarding her desire to fulfill a personal mission she had for teaching people how to dream again. She wanted to do this through public speaking engagements and through her book entitled, "Creating the Life You'd Love to Live." [...]

Kurt Jeffries Music

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Have you noticed that there is no shame in the stories behind our projects? We don't shy away from telling the story behind our connection. In the summer of 2015, we collaborated with Kurt Jeffries Music for this special project. Not only were we on a mission to create a unique website, but we were [...]