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Project Description

We we received a personal inquiry from Nexgen Oil Tools CEO, Fred Guerra, regarding his interest in a high quality website along with a powerful animated video intro. We met and the challenge began. You better believe we took on this project, and we were prepared to grow through this amazing opportunity!

We immediately collaborated with our local animation team and went to work on the 3D animations for their featured product, the X-Factor™.

Our team’s mission was to visually communicate the benefit of their product to the consumer. Nexgen Oil Tools provides a full-service tool providing onsite technical support for drilling, completions and drilling applications. Their unique magnesium based alloy had to look good and be easy to understand. We joined Nexgen Oil Tools’ mission to bring tomorrow’s technology to today’s oil and gas market. Our clients words said it best, “Yes! This is exactly what I envisioned! Great job!” Welcome to the future.